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Training at Enchantment K9 Gary has been training dogs since he was 16 years old. He started by studying Walt Disney's format of training and began training using only a leash. Using this as a foundation he began to develop his own system of training, adding his own innovations and incorporating techniques from other trainers. In 2008, Gary attended a couple of dog schools with Sit Means Sit and became a certified dog trainer. He then incorporated his past experience and developed his own obedience program called On Command. For the purpose of training detection dogs Gary studied various training methods including Obedience Without Conflict by Ivan Balabonov and On Target by Randy Hare. He has incorporated the key points of these methods into his own system of training resulting in a unique training system that cannot be found anywhere else. Dogs at Enchantment K9 are trained with a unique and specialized system that offers the best of all methods.